Braxton Park Property Owners Association 

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The site was developed to keep residents of Braxton Park POA informed of important issues relevant to the community and provide a means to contact the Board of Directors and/or the Management Company.  We hope residents will find the site useful and informative.  Owners are encouraged to review the information contained on the website.  Please contact us with any comments or concerns regarding Braxton Park POA.

Thank you! 

Important Dates

CANCELLED - Board of Directors Meeting - March 23rd
Board of Directors Meeting - May 6th

Proposed Amendment

The Board of Directors would like to amend the Bylaws of Braxton Park POA to remove the requirement that meetings be held in Campbell County. This will open up other areas such as the City of Lynchburg and the Bedford County area around Braxton Park for meeting locations. The Board will be voting on this amendment at the March Board meeting.  Please click the link below to review the amendment prior to its approval.

Proposed Bylaws Amendment