Braxton Park Property Owners Association 

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The site was developed to keep residents of Braxton Park POA informed of important issues relevant to the community and provide a means to contact the Board of Directors and/or the Management Company.  We hope residents will find the site useful and informative.  Owners are encouraged to review the information contained on the website.  Please contact us with any comments or concerns regarding Braxton Park POA.

Thank you! 

Important Dates

Apr 6 - Board of Directors Meeting
Apr 13 - Board of Directors Meeting - EXECUTIVE SESSION
May 20 - Board of Directors Meeting

Snow Removal Announcement

Please note that the current snow removal contract for Braxton Park POA states that snow removal will only take place on sidewalks and roadways when there is two inches of snow accumulation or more. Sidewalks and roadways are not cleared until the snowfall reaches this amount. 

Additionally, ice melting chemicals are put on sidewalks and roadways when there is an ice event; however, sidewalks will NOT be shoveled to remove "slush" after ice has melted.