Braxton Park Property Owners Association 

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Meeting Notice

A Board of Directors meeting will take place on September 29 2021 at 6pm, at Forest Library located at 15583 Forest Road, Forest, VA. 

The first 15 minutes of the meeting will be open to owners to address the board. After that time, owners will are permitted to observe  but cannot participate during the meeting unless they are addressed by a board member or management. Thank you for your cooperation.

Important Information

Pool Opening

The pool is now open and operating under the regular Rules and Guidelines adopted by the board of directors. 

**IMPORTANT NOTICE** After completing your pool registration form, please allow up to 72 hours for your pool key to be activated. 

Owners who rent their townhomes must complete the pool registration form and assign your pool privileges to your tenants. The form must have the owners' and tenants' signatures before access to the pool will be permitted.

Guest Policy - Each townhome is permitted to bring four guests to the pool this year. 

Please see the Pool Registration tab at the top of the page for all pool related documents.

Deck Staining and Maintenance

As you may know, the Board is in the process of establishing architectural standards for the buildings throughout Braxton Park POA. Recently, the Board determined the type of stain and color that will be used for all decks. 

The approved type of stain and colors are:


        Cabot Semi-Solid Deck & Siding Stain in:

·        Chestnut Brown

·        Bark Mulch

·        Red Cedar


Currently, there are many different color decks throughout the community. However, in an effort to have continuity throughout the community, the Board is requiring that any owners who stain their decks must use one of the approved colors.  While there is no deadline in place when a deck must be stained one of the approved colors, the Board asking owners to check their decks to determine if maintenance/staining is needed and take the necessary action. As a reminder, if the Board determines that a deck (or any exterior component) is in need of maintenance, they can require that it be completed or have the work completed by a contractor and charge the individual owner.


The Board hopes that you will agree that the colors chosen work well with all of the current building colors throughout Braxton Park POA.  Putting this architectural standard into place will ensure the appearance of all buildings is cohesive and aesthetically pleasing.


If you have any questions, please contact me at 540-982-0011 x126 or via email at Thank you for your cooperation and doing your part to make Braxton Park POA a beautiful place to live.

Parking Decals

Parking decals must be on the rear windshield of all resident vehicles.  Any vehicles that will be parking on the property on a regular basis must have a decal visible on their vehicle. Please contact management if you need to purchase a decal. 

Please remember that residents cannot park in spaces marked VISITOR and will be towed without notice. Residents ans guests are permitted to park in any unmarked parking space.  Residents may not park in another home's assigned space and are subject to towing without notice.

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